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Excuse Me

by ThiNXx



ThiNXx + Breathtaking Beats = "Excuse Me"! #‎HarmonyOverHate‬
"I finished writing this while travelling through the Karroo(WP) around 3 hours before the SA President finally addressed parliament and stated categorically that he would not "pay back the money". I mean why would he; it's only more money than most people see in their entire lives and it's not like South Africans need housing or hospitals at all... right? Not to mention it's only Tax money and he needed to upgrade his house, so why not? I hope you sensed my sarcasm there as well as the manner in which the president is always able to find the humour in everything he is supposed to care about. This is a protest song and I ask that you share it far and wide in the hope that citizens of South Africa do eventually get a say in their county and can proudly say that their taxes are funding more than just the prevalent corruption that runs rife through the veins of our political system. I know this is not a problem unique to SA but it is where I'm from and I feel it's extremely important we can the message across, unite and conquer these horrifying evils that occur daily".

Peace, love, respect, light!
~ Wesley "ThiNXx"

#Speechless #SpreadHope #Nkandla #Zuma #SpreadLove #Ubuntu ‪#‎NoToXenophobia‬ ‪#‎HarmonyOverHate‬ #‎Not_Proudly_South_African‬


Excuse me Mr. President, please excuse my hesitance
but you’re sounding quite irrelevant, time to address the elephant
for betterment and elegance, seize the ignorance and belligerence
your bigotries so telling it’s sickening just smelling it
Shut up! Tired of all the fallacies you utter up
Butter up the populous and conjure up another fasc
Flag at half-mast and all torn up
Nkosi nceda sikilele Mzanzi Africa
so much love but we need food
We need medicine, we need roofs
We need money, we don’t need booze
We need real men, fuck your misogynist ruse
Just who the hell do you think you are?
You’re not a God, not Amin Rah
We’re looking to go far, no end in this period
They say that the initial change is always the scariest
I’ll coin that phrase to prevent the precarious
No longer playing your games, time to get serious
Much fairy dust needed, lets make some magic
Turn tides of tragic to magnets of gladness
Cos’ it’s easy to say that we need to come together
But unless we actually get together nothing could get better ever
Sever all ties with the monarchs, disembark from these sharks
A president serves his people while a king could never hark
Rather leave you in the dark without matches and no candles
In the rain, out in the cold and deny there’s any scandal
Tangled within the web, self-woven from the wrangle
Between the people and the power and who gets to hold the handle
Just who do you think is steering this boat anyway?
Torrential fall before the squall, hoping to see a brighter day\
But this road’s a one-way and I really hope that some day
The true rainbow will be revealed with a hue of wide-array

Hold it, fold it… drop it down to where my soul sits
Can’t fit the tisk-tisk inside this outfit
Route it, cut it down… till it’s all nice and rounded
And all imperfections disappear leaving all dumbfounded
Amounted expectations till I lost all my curious
Left me bout to blow my top and borderline quite furious
And while all of this is going on, everyone’s impervious
Battle of the century…. It’s us versus us
Turn it to dust and give into lust
How can we get to love if we do not have trust?
Cussing one another while tryna go further
Well… treat everyone as your sister or brother
More often the worder, guilty of murder
The stirrer of the pot, contents down till it curdles
Caught in the whirlpool, go down in your circle
Downward spiral till time kills the vitals for survival
And the king always pressing down on your wings
Clamping your beak shut so you can never sing
Well time to fly free from the catastrophe and calamity
Tear down these walls and avoid the tragedy
No more of the stammering, now time to speak your piece
Take a piece full of the peaceful, remove the sheets and the wool
Cool down, keep calm, re-arm with wisdom
Raise alarms so drenched palms can unite to not harm
And make better these endeavours, built up the walls over the years
Make the bars disappear and relieve the despair
Join arms and unit, together destroy the fear
cos’ if not then that’s how they win, but that’s, only if we let them
And we won’t let them… no longer neighbours, we’re next of kin.


released May 18, 2016
Written by ThiNXx
Beat by Breathtaking Beats: www.breathtakingbeats.com
Recorded and Mixed by Stand Out Sound: standoutsound.com


all rights reserved



ThiNXx Johannesburg, South Africa

I'm an independent hiphop artist from Johannesburg South Africa.

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